3 wins in 3 matches, Rajasthan Royals back in Jaipur for the ”Pink Promise”…

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3 wins in 3 matches, Rajasthan Royals back in Jaipur for the #PinkPromise match
Rajasthan Royals squad was seen traveling from Mumbai to Jaipur on Tuesday evening on the back of a convincing win against Mumbai Indians in Mumbai on Monday. The match’s stand out star was Assam’s Riyan Parag who top-scored for the Royals with 54 not out off 39 balls. He was accompanied by all his teammates and support staff including Sanju Samson, Yuzvendra Chahal, etc.
The Royals are now preparing to take part in their #PinkPromise against RCB on Saturday, 6th April. The Royals are making a #PinkPromise to amplify and support women-led transformation in Rajasthan and India. The match will see the team sporting special all-pink matchday kits dedicated to the women of Rajasthan, and will also be seen making more commitments.
What is the #PinkPromise Match?

The #PinkPromise match is Rajasthan Royals’ promise to continue supporting the women of Rajasthan. Driven by its Foundation’s vision of ‘Aurat Hai Toh Bharat Hai’, the Royals are making a #PinkPromise to create replicable models of women-led transformation which can be implemented at a larger scale across the country.
The #PinkPromise match aims to amplify the team’s support to the inspirational and empowered women from rural India. The Foundation’s overarching vision of ‘Aurat Hai Toh Bharat Hai’ has inspired action from empowered women who are breaking barriers to lead positive change by facilitating access to water, solar energy, upskilling and mental health interventions. Under its flagship Project Khushaali, along with other programmes, the Foundation has successfully impacted the lives of more than 15 million women since its inception through direct and awareness driven interventions.
Why are the Royals donning all-pink matchday kits?

The color pink on the distinctive matchday kits resonates deeply with the spirit of Rajasthan which symbolizes resilience, grace, and the power of women. In Rajasthan’s cultural tapestry, pink embodies the strength and fortitude of its women, who have long been the backbone of rural communities. By donning this vibrant hue, the franchise is proudly celebrating the indomitable spirit of Rajasthan’s women, emphasizing their pivotal role in driving social change and progress.
The Royals also intend to shine a spotlight on the incredible journeys of some of the women beneficiaries and have engraved their names into the design of these special jerseys to salute their hard work in front of millions of viewers. These women have emerged as local heroes by contributing to the significant shift towards the usage of solar energy and water conservation, with each emblazoned name telling a story of courage, perseverance, and triumph over adversity.

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